On February 25, 2022 the Nationwide Permit Program went into effect.  On April 1, 2022 the Regional Permit Program will expire, and will not be renewed.  Regional Permit applications received will likely be processed under a different general permit going forward.

Here is some information about our transition from Regional Permits to Nationwide Permits.  

Chicago District's Regional Permit Program

The Army Corps of Engineers, Chicago District, has created a Regional Permit Program (RPP) to authorize the discharges of dredged and fill material into jurisdictional waters of the United States in the Chicago area (Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties in Illinois). The RPP provides an efficient and predictable program to evaluate projects requiring authorization under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899. The RPP replaces many Nationwide Permits and provides better protection of aquatic resources through a straightforward timely review process while reducing the District workload.

For more information regarding the Regional Permit Program, please select from the links below:

Each Regional Permit Listed Individually (These are all from the 2020 modified version):


Application packages can be sent to  Please do not send directly to a project manager.   For submittals greater than 10MB and less than 8GB, please use the DoD SAFE (Secure Access File Exchange).  Please contact us for an access code.